Google 6 Great of Sin

There is a big question in my mind after seeing the development of the Internet lately. Apparently the same question also exists in the minds of the European Commission (EU) and the Federal Trade Commission (US) even by Texas Attorney General. Does Google monopolizing the internet?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said this in 2009: "If you have something that you do not want anyone to know, maybe you should not be doing it in the first place."

Google, which launched its domain filing on September 4, 1998, claiming that there is no monopolistic practices in the business at all. However, specifically, Google said that the ongoing review of several businesses, including DoubleClick, Admob and ITA Software.

Still fresh when the first, in April 2008, the world digemparkan with the proposed merger of Google and Yahoo! Inc. If it really happened, inevitably there will be a huge monopoly in search engines and marketing system. This is clearly a danger because the velocity of money in the search engine will dwell on the two largest companies of this. Fortunately not so. Exactly three hours prior to his Deparment of Justice filed suit America, dealnya canceled.

Up to this time, many lawsuits that led to Google and other large Internet companies, such as Facebook for example. Everything revolves around the problems of use of user data. Even openly Facebook emailing all users to use the photo-photo for the Facebook business interests. Because of this incident many in protest Facebook users. Hell no!

The most brand of Google is, a few days ago, a lawyer for the company to apply to be able to read e-mail from any Gmail account. Yes, Google would read the content of every email we send through their system. The reason is simple, a bit naive as well according to me: "Scanning email is simply part of the business". Whatt ??

Wait. Maybe there is something in it. Every Gmail account is no text-ads that always arise. Starting from here, Google 'forcing' want to read our email. Expertise Google algorithm that reads the word, of course, will be very useful if it can detect every word in the email and then send any ads related to those words. Boom! the result is of course a form of advertising that is very, very targeted. The problem is, whether it will stop there. Wallahualam.

Although it has been struggling to fend off the news of Edward Snowden, a spy who leaked US secrets to the public, saying that Google is one of the companies that divulge user data to the NSA through the PRISM program. PRISM is the code name for the data collection program via the internet that is supported by the Protect America Act. Initially, this program is used to prevent terrorism by opening data and access to every account that is suspected by the National Security Agency (NSA) would be dangerous for America. Large companies participating in the program are: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, YouTube, Skype, AOL and Apple. Finally, Dropbox also called will join. Of course, all this company strongly denied their involvement in PRISM.

Whatever it is, Google is a giant. Because of the huge means deserves to be arrogant. However, that does not mean arrogance in China. Somehow, I now understand why so CNINA rejected Google and support exhausted domestic search engine: Baidu. Actions previously criticized many of the world, because it hinders the globalization of information he said, are now reaping praise. Only with this kind of courage, a sovereign nation will be big. The strength of a global company, backed by the US, then go through the boundaries of investment and private space, must be suspected. Unfortunately, our beloved country is still shy when dealing with overseas companies. Just look at how many of our natural products taken abroad, by foreign companies. Will, we include the results of intellectual thought and technology, will be controlled by foreign companies as well? Google fix so generous to put a sweet face with the Indonesian Government? It is a great sin that has been and will be done Google against this nation.

1. Before Buying Android, It Must Know

Every time the first time we turn on android smartphone, there will be a notification in order to enter our Google account. I realize this is a little awkward when it realized that the account will never be closed as long as we wear the same android. That is, all business Google: Search Engine, Video: YouTube, Maps, Gmail and Chrome including Google Checkout (now Google wallet) will continue to be in the 'on' position. Here's the problem: type the word 'email' then we will be redirected to Gmail, but Gmail is an email service that is the third largest in the world. The first is YahooMail. Including when we type the word 'analytic' or 'translate', guess what comes out first. Your search in Android will never be fair. Google had the power, and this was never communicated to the public.

2. Google Maps: Intelligence on behalf Map

I never post on this Bixbux about how Google Maps can be very dangerous. It did happen. Google freely able to detect where we are. High state officials, the location of military installations to the secret location will be revealed easily. Do not forget, by our law, basic map of a region can only be provided by the state. Google has violated this by providing a basic map every inch of the motherland. Question: if you are not sure Google can see how many tanks or planes we parked in the outdoor? Or how many of our military members to identify how many headquarters / military barracks do we have? What about the state palace, we are sure that the president is free from threats? In the entry and exit of vehicles in state court can know Google in real time?

 3. Adsense Publisher Indonesia? Banned! 

I do not blame Google for banning many adsense account of the publisher from Indonesia. Now so many ads service provider, be it ads-company network or traffic source, who declined publisher of Indonesia simply because of the number of 'fraud' were performed. That should not be forgotten is: Google even make money in Indonesia. Advertisers on Google from Indonesia can be said to be very potential. Google fears is marked by the opening of Google's office quietly. There was a controversy over whether Google should install a server in Indonesia, but gradually the news quiet because Google claims only activates only advertising agency in Jakarta. Want an agency or whatever it is, money from the advertiser from Indonesia still drawn seamless to Singapore (Google's office is there) before being taken with a smile to America.

If the company is always blamed for the publisher and deify Advertiser, continued to why every dollar of accounts that were banned, which always spelled out will be returned to the advertiser (advertiser) never happened. This incident once traced by my colleague, Harrison Gervitz, which his adsense account banned, but the money was never returned to the advertiser (Harrison also advertisers in Google Adwords premium account holders).

4. Mastering Indonesian Market from Outside

Why the Indonesian government so subject to Google? The answer is just one: because our people are so proud of the product worldwide. Look how people we are very proud to be acquainted with those of Google. Or when engaged in various events organized by Google. They are not a God. They are ruling the search engine market in Indonesia. Is there a local search engine that we often use? No, not there. Then why no government programs to use local products, even in our surf? Millions traffic from Indonesia at this time really controlled by various companies abroad, from abroad and there is no protection at all from the local government. If there is any dispute, the laws ynag used of course legislation where Google's office is located. Indonesian laws? Excuse me, will not be using that, unless the governing digital advertising. Uh, emang huh?

5. Google Play? Developer Indonesia Please Move

 It's very real. Unlike Apple, Google does not allow application developers from Indonesia, who lived in Indonesia with Indonesian bank account to 'make money' in his own Android application market: Google Play. Compare that to how many Android users in Indonesia. In 2011 alone, Android smartphone shipments to Indonesia grew 22 percent sequentially. Globally, 48 billion Android applications that have been installed and 2.5 billion last obtained only within a period of 4 months. For that Google also admitted that their income is now more than Google Play Store last year, and revenue per usage also increased 2.5 times. This was revealed in the Google I / O 2013, which was held diMoscone Center West, San Francisco in May 2013. Thus, the operating systems in entering Indonesia (90% through Samsung handset), the application downloaded Indonesian people, but the people of Indonesia, who lived in the motherland, with a local bank account, are not allowed to sell paid apps on Google Play. Where is the justice?

 6. There is not no such thing as a free lunch! 

Meaning: it's not a free lunch, there timal all behind it. Okay, Google in Indonesia has Kenyan Business Online program. One of the programs is to provide domain and free hosting for 100,000 small businesses who will be working on the online market. Specifically mentioned, currently there are only 75 000 SMEs out of 17 million SMEs which have their own website. Santa claus? Wait, wait. Another aid of this program is the help of Google this in more detail, namely: (1) Free domain "" for the first year after enrollment. For the next year the participant SMEs will be charged a maximum of US $ 150,000 per year, (2) Internet consulting and education sustainable business, (3) Internet advertising online and listed in Google Maps, (4) Coupons AdWords worth Rp 500,000 to 100,000 applicants first have enabled their site and have an account in AdWords. Hhmm..tiga of four points above uses the word free. Okay, still not be free forever, but we all know, having a website is not enough for a company. The struggle to get the first rank in the search engines that are actually interesting. Will Google provide incentives position of search engine results? Except products Amazon (because its 3 board director of Google once from Amazon, even Amazon is said to have integration platform specially dr PPC ads Google), do not expect Google will lend a hand. Capitalist named Google will continue to pull every penny we had to go abroad.

Frankly, I am not antipathy against Google. But the company feels it is necessary counterweight comparable. Investment is taxed more kek, or should be friendly towards this nation. Somehow I have faith, when our president was Sukarno, will not the dignity of this nation in a way trodden by overseas companies. Sad, but we will always position the loser by Google. Do not believe, let 'googling' another wrote, rather than thinking that beginian. 

source: By Wientor Rah Mada

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